Europe's first residency program for professional musicians that focuses on process instead of outcome

launched July 1st, 2022



The Playground Residence is dedicated to offering professional musicians the time and space to engage in practice-based research and development, or to create new and innovative work. As a music creator, you require adventures and the mental space that may not be readily available at home. Connecting with like-minded artists and industry professionals can broaden your horizons. Our mission is to provide a creative playground - a space where professionals can connect, learn from each other, and collaborate to contribute to a healthier and kinder planet through music.


There are several "whys." Here are some important ones:

- Music is an art form that continuously renews and evolves. It is not only an art form but also a significant economic system, especially in genres like pop, jazz, and contemporary music. Popular music and the industry surrounding it often prioritize efficiency and quick moves. However, to create great music, time is essential. That's why we steer clear of short writing camps and one-day studio sessions. We provide the time and space needed to recharge and build an international network in a supportive environment.

- We aim to provide a safe haven for performing, creating, and organizing musicians, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background. Given that many professional musicians are male, we strongly encourage non-males to apply! Our inclusive playground is always diverse in terms of gender (male/female/non-binary), and our team assists residents in fostering and maintaining an inclusive mindset with one another.

- The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that musicians were unable to engage in a crucial aspect of their profession: playing together in person (aside from live performances for audiences). Musicians establish networks by playing together and enjoying each other's company. Through The Playground Residence, we offer the time and space needed to create music and connect with each other.


- The Playground Residence provides professional musicians with a space to create and engage, not just for a weekend but for at least ten days at various locations across Europe.

- It's about the process, not just a product. For musicians who prefer working in solitude, we offer private rooms and workspaces. Additionally, we provide shared group spaces and larger studios, allowing for a balance between collaboration and privacy.

- The entire artistic product remains with the creator. Unlike writing camps, at The Playground Residence, musicians retain all rights and credits to their songs and other created materials.

- The Playground Residence caters to professional musicians seeking to recharge, broaden their horizons, or simply find new inspiration. Our focus is on professionals - musicians, content creators, and entrepreneurs - ranging from 21 to 100 years old.

- In addition to providing a creative playground for musicians, we offer various activities for residents to participate in, with a focus on social and environmental issues. These activities range from city tours and gender equality workshops to campfire gatherings and business meetings and listening sessions with record companies.

- Several residency projects are held every year. In addition to the main residencies, we organize four peer meetings and gatherings per year, both in the digital realm and in collaboration with our partners in The Netherlands, Poland, and in Germany.


The Playground Residence takes place at different locations around Europe. Sometimes in a big metropolitan city, close enough to vibrant clubs to enjoy a good party, and far enough away to truly focus on your own new music and ideas. Other times in a quiet environment, surrounded by nature.

There are multiple music writing rooms available, each equipped with studio monitoring, an audio interface, tables, chairs, and power supply. Some rooms are also equipped with a full band backline. Our group accommodations can host up to 20 residents, with several rooms featuring private bathrooms and various communal spaces such as living rooms, a small theater, a bar, and a garden.

For whom

The Playground Residence is designed for professionals – creators, performers, and organizers. We welcome professionals from all European countries, with specific budgets allocated for professionals from The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. If you are seeking a place to immerse yourself in your music, develop your business plan, and connect with peers in a collaborative environment to share meals and ideas, then this is the place for you!


We have exciting locations in Poland (winter), Germany (summer), and The Netherlands (fall).


Upcoming: The Playground Residence in Berlin, Germany from July the 25th till August the 4th.

Open call

The open call for Berlin from July 25th - August 4th is now open! It closes on March 31st 2024.

Application and selection

Residents for The Playground Residence are selected based on the provided portfolio and a questionnaire. We invite those in whom we believe and whom we want to give a chance to create new work or continue working on a project. Those who come are not here by chance.

All applications will be reviewed and selected by our advisory board (more information provided below). Each applicant will receive a written explanation after the selection process. When forming the group, we focus on:

- Creating a diverse group with different social backgrounds, genders, genres, etc.

- Demographic spread (21-100 years old)

- Different skills (we aim to mix songwriters, managers, drummers, etc.)

- Various social backgrounds

- Full availability (participants must commit to the entire residency period without hopping on or off for just a day or two)

- We invite professional artists prepared to immerse themselves in their artistic process.

- We invite artists with a broad and international approach to their work.


During The Playground Residence, you will receive:

- Full board, a completely carbon-neutral stay, and public transport included

- Time and space to work on your own music and collaborate with peers

- Interesting lectures on music and non-music-related subjects

- Meetings with industry professionals

- Numerous jam sessions and studio sessions

In return, we may ask you to share your The Playground Residence experience during peer meetings that we organize at various locations in the digital universe and at our residency locations. This way, you can actively participate in creating knowledge about informal and non-formal learning in pop music.

Things you need to take care of:

- Pay the participation fee prior to arrival

- Arrange your trip to the residency location and back home

- Bring your own musical instrument

How much does it cost?

The actual costs are €1000 for ten days. However, if you are applying through our partners in The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, or Ukraine, we can offer you a significant discount. If you are applying through our partners, you pay only €250. The remainder is covered by a group of talent development organizations, foundations, and export offices. Be sure to check with your regional partner. For a full list, please scroll down.

Make the world a better place!

We believe that musicians can make the world a better place. Why? Because music touches almost everyone. So why not become a role model for the rest of the world? That's why The Playground Residence:

- compensates for the carbon footprint of their round trip, for all our residents. We compensate for every kilometer traveled and the entire stay of our residents by donating money to Trees For All.

- supports Keychange.The Playground Residence is a residency program for professional musicians. We are here to offer musicians time and space to play music, engage in practice-based research, and develop their careers. Our activities should always be a safe haven for our participants and staff, regardless of their age, gender, occupation, or musical background. We are exploring ways to develop our ideas together with like-minded partners. In our opinion, Keychange provides a nice and necessary perspective on the future, which is our main reason to sign up.

- wants to make our world a nicer place. We are only at the beginning. We realize that donating money to plant trees isn't enough to make our planet a better place. So feel free to share your ideas on this subject with us.


We are a group of music enthusiasts who are available to help other professionals develop themselves. With years of experience working for music platforms, universities, and music development programs, we have joined forces to create the ultimate residency platform for professional musicians. Stichting Playgar (Playgar Foundation) is the organization behind the residency projects. Check the 'organizations involved' section to see who is currently assisting us.

We are currently expanding our board. At the moment, Stichting Playgar has three board members: Sander Ruijters, Jorien Stravens, and Dr. Virgil Rerimassie, with a vacant spot for a fourth member. Daily operations are managed by the following professionals.

Meet our team for practical matters:


Organisations involved


Application for Berlin 25 July - 4 August closed!


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